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Others charge more than 800 bucks, PAB only $300, the graphics placed on the website is worth more than $2000. If you want a awesome website you must go through Platinum Adult Business. The updates are insane. WOW I love it!

Eddie Zento from Las Vegas, Nevada

I bought a site awhile back, looked terrible. When I saw PAB graphics, I had to stick with them, they know how to design, with great graphics, and the way they work with you is amazing. If you don't believe me try it out, you gotta.

Mike Crowly from El Paso, Texas

Wow, what an experience, I have made some good money, but Eric is right, advertising is the main goal for success, Spread the site around he says, damn hes good. Also the content he gives you for free advertising, no one else tops that. No one!

Eric De Souza from Hollywood, Florida

The way PAB explains to me in detail is 100% better than other companies. He will explain to you every word, to where I know what I am doing. Basically he does not jig me like others do. A Definite Positive. A+

Philip Lee from Detroit, Michigan

PAB was right, adult sites need to achieve attention right off hand It sure does take some time to get noticed on the net, as soon as I was spread around the internet, I saw some money rolling in.

Steve Steinberg from Independence, Missouri

We have been in the adult entertainment industry for over 15 years. PAB Graphics is the best designs we have ever used. Top quality and makes great sales for us. Don't be an idiot, purchase a site from PAB!!

Matt Eichenseir from Chatsworth, California

I didn't believe PAB at first, but yea they were right, you must advertise like crazy to get attention on line, for 2 months I did so, now I am getting serious hits. Oh yea, he got me up and running in 4 days, now that was fast.

Amy Estrada from Belle Plain, Minnisota

Excellent Computer graphic artist with spectacular colors to make your website and even the DVD covers show up above other companies. We will use Eric for years to come. Give us a call to hear what we have to say about PAB

Phil Heartwell from Chatsworth, California

Eric was right, it does take some time to get out there, but with a few search engines he gave me to get noticed it sure worked out, PPC are the best, especially when you can manage your advertising, thanks Eric.

Marvin Howards Walter from Aloha, Oregon

Quantity of material is so important to what people want to find. The package is so spectacular with every niche I wanted and I got. Plus customer support he emailed me back within minutes. Now thats prime. Keep it up Eric!!

Mark Walters from Sydney, Australia

All I want to say is- "Eric kicks ass at what he provides and what he can do for you"

Kevin Watson from Las Vegas, Nevada

Now this is what you call an awesome design, the best I have ever gone through for a professional design, and the best customer service. I just had to buy 3 more for the great service I get.

Anthony Rico from Naples, Florida

I have been taught a lot to get the site on the go. He writes me back within minutes to hours. Great companies to get the traffic

Alan Sipsas from Newport Beach, California

Hes right you have to be careful on the net for people who sell adult websites there a lot of con artists, but not Eric he kicks ass, PERIOD!!

Philip Rawhan from Fort Wort, Texas