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It is agreed as follows:

as a graphic design and adult affiliate company provider offering an opportunity to market your very own adult turnkey website. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Website. PAB provides customer support, and marketing assistance. Charges a one-time setup fee for turnkey web site programming, that will enable the client to take advantage of the desired program, without requiring the client to have any computer programming experience.


1. Domain Name and Website Ownership

We provide a domain name for the website, unless a domain name has already been chosen. PAB will provide assistance to all Clients in domain name selection. Domain is under the buyers ownership, PAB has no responsibility of what is changed to the website under the domain purchased. Domain names are payed for the first 3 months by PAB after the 3 months if the name is expired the cost of 8.75 will be put under the new ownerships name.


2. Setup Time for Website Completion

After the payment is confirmed and a brief email PAB will complete all programming in 1-5 business days, and will be transferred to clients email which will include all information for client to begin marketing their website(s). Passwords and identification for checking Client’s revenue and other statistical information will be included in the setup confirmation. A copy of the website will also be sent for a backup of the website sent to you. For any changes you make to a complete website, PAB will be not held responsible to any addition to the website.


3. Performance of Website

Speed of Website performance depends on connection of your internet access, not the current design of website.


4. Proof of Over the Age of 18 ID

Client is over the age of 18 and he/she will be responsible of managing the website. He/she is responsible for the success of adult turnkey website. Fax of an I.D. for to keep records of business


5. Image Content

PAB provides 100% of the content for Client websites. Client cannot add photos or any image that is not 2257 compliant. Images included in PAB website cannot be used in any other website. License is required for the use of images outside of website.


6. Support

PAB offers its Clients phone and email support in order to assist for marketing the website. Support will be responded within 24 hours by either phone or email. Hosting the website PAB is not responsible, if for some reason (will not happen) your website is down, hostgator is the provider.


7. Income

PAB is not involved in any income that your website is providing. Income is sent to clients address which is under clients name. To provide statistics of website, login to affiliate adult company websites. 50%-70% is the income clients are receiving from the website. Affiliates income differs by all companies included with the website.


8. Cost of PAB Website

Initial one-time setup fee for website design is non-refundable. When payment is received it is a final charge. Contact of providers, design of website begins when purchase is made. Domain name is transferred under your name within 24 hours of purchase which is FREE for the first year. If you own a domain name it must be hosted under your acct.


9. Marketing / Advertising Services

Any paid advertising is not refundable for the traffic has been sent to the clients website. Marketing is the main source for income, Time and money is needed for the result for income.


10. Domain Ownership

Owners of the website packages are responsible for the domain names that are provided with the websites. If the domain name is canceled after the year, we are not responsible for the update of the domain names. Additional cost will be needed for the domain name design to be changed on each website


11. Cancellation

Client may cancel their service at any time, client will not receive any refund of any amount paid to prior of the date of cancellation including website hosting. PAB may cancel this agreement with or without notice in the event that the Client commits any act of fraud, including not limited to false or fraud memberships, spam abuse, or other any other acts of fraud.


12.  Transfer of Website Ownership

Client may sell, or transfer ownership of his/her adult website/s to a new owner at anytime appropriate, Client is responsible of transferring domain name and website to new owner. Must also provide information on 2257 regulation of the website.


13.  Hosting Cancellation

PAB WILL NOT cancel hosting until buyer notifies PAB by phone 818.522.6581, email or ICQ 242454114. Buyer is responsible to keep the domain online and to prevent the domain to expire which will cancel the activation of the website. If the domain has expired PAB is not responsible for the expiration. PAB notifies the buyer that you MUST renew the domain name every year. A domain ownership acct is sent to the buyer to keep track of the cancellation.



We do not accept webmasters from locations from certain countries outside of the United States. After you have joined PAB, we will let you know if the country is accepted.


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